The common terminal for decoding

Yebin Park

After purchasing old-fashioned web-cam which is only available to transmit, I gave a new shape as a surveillance camera by programming by myself directly. All of structures are exposed in screen which were designed for modulation and the camera pans room in which it was installed. The programming patch which is exposed on screen like the control room in a basement, reveals the inside to everyone passing by. However, it can’t be easily understood if someone has no ability to decode it since it was written in programming language. In addition, the denatured camera reacts by distinguishing the absence of audience and their movement just like living beings.
If somebody walks over to this screen in order to look closely, some of design structure were partially hidden due to the program that detect a movement. If you want to read this in front of your very eyes, there is no choice but to look squarely the screen which is constantly watching on you while holding yourself without moving.

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