Alexandre Delauw, Virgile Guillaud

TR4V3L is an installation featuring an online "point and click" videogame, taking place in the basements of the St. Vincent de Paul Hospital (whereas the installation is in another place). The place serves as a platform for exploration, providing access to other places and other times. Behind each door another reality can be found, frequently far from the one of the old hospital, which has been transformed into an imaginary vessel, as is the case for most places that were at one time abandoned.
For Staring at me staring at you, the game is presented as an interactive installation in which visitors can freely explore the the resulting maze. Each one is free to stop when desired, thereby making way for his successor, who may continue exploration or start again. The projection is "framed" with a wall drawing made by hand, repeating the pattern of the background of the game, ie an electronic snow.

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