Sung-min Hong

Associate Professor at Kaywon School of Art & Design (Current)

1993 M.F.A. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Time Art Dept.
1983 B.F.A. Hongik University

Performing Arts
  2014. Wiener Festwochen .Vienna Austria 2014
  2013 History of performance and movie. Munlae. Seoul, Korea
  2012 As Five People were Walking and then..., Incheon Art Platform, Korea
  2011 19min Performance Relay, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, Korea
  2011 EXTRAS, Festival Bo:m, BAIK-CHANG Theater, Seoul, Korea
  2010 Juliettttt, Festival Bo:m, ARCO Theater, Seoul, Korea
  2009 NOW WHAT:Democracy and Contemporary Art, Space Hamilton, Seoul, Korea
  2008 Revolving Sashimi, Festival Bo:m, KNUA Theater, Seoul, Korea
  2007 Phantom of the Operalara, Arco Theater, Seoul, Korea
  2006 Palimpsest Operalara, Anyang Art Park, Anyang, Korea
  2006 Total Theater Alice, Maronie Park, Seoul, Korea
  2005 Total Theater Alice, Shopping Mall SSamziegil, Seoul, Korea
  2004 Cult Robotics, Gallery Jungmiso, Seoul, Korea
Performance Works
  2011 Gogh van Alice, Directing for UUL Groundbreaking Ceremony, Seoul, Korea
  2011 Typological Archive Project, Selected Artists for 2011 Project Development Initiative, Hub City of Asian Culture Gwangju, Korea
  2006 Palimpsest Operalara, LIG Theater, Seoul, Korea
  2005 Palimpsest Heights Park, Space C, Seoul, Korea
  2004 40-40 Japan-Korea, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, Korea
  2000 16- Improvisation, IMA, Seoul, Korea
  1999 Via-airobics. Art Center Seoul, Seoul, Korea
  2008 <Revolving Sashimi>, Gallery Sangsang Madang, Seoul, Korea
  2007 <Palimpsest Paintings>, Gallery 27, Seoul, Korea
  2006 <Enlightning Female>, Papertainer, Seoul, Korea
  2005 FT3 Fukuoka Triennale, Fukuoka, Japan
  2004 <Wonderful Travel Agency>, Borusan Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
  2004 Busan Biennale, Busan, Korea
  2004 <A Storytelling>, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, Korea
  2003 <Crossover&Rewrites>, Museun of Portoallegro, Porto Allegro, Brazil
  1998 <Teum>, Art Sunjae Center, Seoul, Korea
  1997 <In the eye of the Tiger>, EXIT ART, New York, U.S.
  1996 ICC Biennale, ICC, Tokyo, Japan
  1995 Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Korea
  1994 <Realism as Attitute>, Fukuoka, Japan
  2005 Art Award of the Year, visual arts category, Arts Council Korea Collection
  Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka
  Ssamzie Space, Seoul
  Art Sunjae Center, Seoul

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