Germain Huby

Born in 1973 in Auxerre (France). Lives and works in Dijon (France).

Germain Huby’s work focuses on the images produced by industry and individuals, and on what they reveal about our behaviour and the political, economic, religious, aesthetic and moral conditioning that drives us. The artist samples, collects and hijacks pop patterns taken from television, the internet, cinema, radio, public or private spaces. He articulates images and sounds to better grasp the manipulation and conditioning ploys they contain, often latently.
If Germain Huby is interested in speeches, languages, gestures, practices, codes and forms induced by this conditioning, he no less concerns himself with the medium, which plays a crucial part in the process of communication and representation. His videos, photographs or installations call on the viewer to reflect, without ever influencing his or her opinion or being judgemental. He often uses humorous and offbeat forms which the artist is willing to stage.
His work has been exhibited in group and solo shows, in France and abroad, and it has been shown at many festivals and on television (Arte and Canal+). His works are part of collections of broadcasters such as UniFrance, Est-ce une bonne nouvelle, Imagespassages, Videochroniques or Transat Video.
More recently, his short film Match Up was awarded South's Cinemas Prize in 2013. It was directed with Lucie Heitmann.
In addition, Germain Huby teaches at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art of Dijon.

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