Mister Google...

...who owns the reality?

Jean-Marc Chapoulie

By typing his name into the Google search engine, Jean-Marc Chapoulie did not expect he could find his personal address. No subscription is under his name at this address. Google is therefore suspected of having this information through the web. He necessarily have left this address to receive an order. Does Google would appreciate full transparency? Everyone knows everything about everyone. Another find on this page of Google Street View exposing his home before the whole world, he is also in the image, seen having lunch with his daughter at the café at the foot of his building. But his face is blurred. New disillusionment, is it possible that people be blurred with impunity? he ponders. After unsuccessful attempts of unblurring requests to the Google company, he began to investigate headlong in his battle of (net) existence. He goes meet the Google Street View car and his driver. He buys an advertising page in a magazine. It hires a lawyer. Would he achieve to exist as in a photo of Doisneau, a stolen moment with her daughter, happy and eternal? The film is the attempt to get an answer to the question posed by the title: Mr. Google, who owns the reality? The film takes the form of a survey, conducted by the computer of Jean-Marc Chapoulie, more precisely by Louiseits motherboard. With the help of Bruno HD the hard drive, Louise tries to get in touch with the algorithms of Google, to remove human mediators. Bruno HD finds himself mobbed by YouTube visions, as so many clues. A dialogue between machines, verbally, turns into a mechanical tussle until the total disappearance of the offending image. An electronic and multimedia thriller where the point is the existence of the Google subject named Jean-Marc Chapoulie.

45', sound.



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