Fred Forest

Born in 1933, lives and works in Paris.

Media and networks artist, Fred Forest is one of the pioneers of video art (in 1967) and then (1996). He is also the first artist making "press experiences" (interventions in mass media: print, radio, TV, in 1972).

PhD at the Sorbonne University, Professor of Information and Communication Sciences, former professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Paris-Cergy, Fred Forest created in France in 1968 the first interactive environment using computing and video. He also managed to integrate into his artistic process all mass media: press, telephone, fax, radio, television, cinema, video, cable, light and electronic newspapers, robotics, data communications networks and, of course, all the possibilities of the Internet. Fred Forest is the co-founder of two major artistic movements, Sociological Art (1974) and Aesthetics of Communication (1983).

All of his work, still under development, joined the national heritage via legal deposit in July 2005, in the form of an agreement signed with the INA (National Audiovisual Institute). He is so far the only French living contemporary artist to gain such a status.

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